Second dates ideas that will up your game

After the first date is done the journey to her heart is not complete. Second dates can be a make or destroy moment. If it goes well, you‘re well on your way out the starting blocks, but if it doesn’t, possibilities are you won’t get every other chance. So when identifying what to do, bring your excellent 2nd date ideas to the table.You favor to go a long way adequate to exhibit your date that you’re interested, however additionally not be OTT and scare them off. We’ve compiled a list of second date ideas that will up your game, and have them coming back for more.

10 bright second date ideas Enjoy a live comedy show

2. Enjoy a live comedy show

Laughing causes the release of endorphins and dopamine – both key happiness chemicals! What better way to make a good impression than having a good laugh together and being pumped up on a happiness high.

2. Go for a bike ride

Doing a physical activity together is also a great way to connect and elevate the mood. The elation that comes from exercise and endorphins means you’ll both be feeling good and chances are, having a good time. Get out there and get the heart racing!

3. Match a sport match

Another way to capitalize on creating an exciting experience is going to a sport match together – be it the local baseball team, a football game or major league basketball. Supporting a team together ups the ante and is a bonding shortcut.

4. Attend a dance class

Instead of going dancing out in a club or bar, go to an actual dance class together. Choose a salsa or tango class and go for a swirl. It’s a great way to throw you both together and have some above board sexy fun!

5. Rock out at a concert

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There is a nothing quite like singing along to your favorite songs with hundreds of other people or dancing around in a unified mass of swaying fans. Watching a band shows your date you’re up for a fun time and promises to be one of the more memorable second date ideas!

6. Peruse an art gallery

Showing off a little culture and sophistication is a winning date formula. Research what exhibitions are on show at your local galleries and do a little prep beforehand so you know just the right comments to make.

7. Make a break out of the city

Wherever you live, find an adventure outside of your city. You could go strawberry picking, pack a picnic and go to a local lake or drive out for lunch at a cute countryside inn. Create your own adventure!

8. Hold a competition

Another fun way to raise your pulse is to do an activity that involves competition. It could be go-cart racing, playing mini golf or a board games play off, but pit yourselves against each other for a great way to be drawn together

9. Cook up a storm

Skip the cliché restaurant dinner and go to a cooking class together. Learning a new skill is a positive and proactive setting for a charming date. Offering to test out your skills and cook the dish next time at your place is also a great way to ask for a follow up date.

10. Stars in your eyes at a planetarium

Star gazing is notoriously romantic, but weather conditions and location can make it tricky to get the perfect set up. Take a shortcut and go to a planetarium for one of our favorite second dates ideas that promises to seal the deal.

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5 game changers: irresistible second date ideas

Everyone knows a grand romantic gesture can really grab a prospective partner’s attention – and if you enjoy stepping up the romance on a second date, here are some game changers!

1. A date day:

Spin your date out into a full day affair. Invite your date to brunch and then pick a relaxing afternoon activity to follow – hang out in the park, build a puzzle, watch a movie – whatever suits your vibe. It will give you a chance to get to know each other in no rush and show your date they’re interesting enough to hang with.

2. Go diving, in an aquarium

Create your very own adventure and go diving in an aquarium! Most aquariums offer the option of diving in one of the larger tanks. It’s a truly memorable experience that gives you the opportunity of exploring a new whole new world together.

3. A wine tasting trip

One way to get the most of combining classy culture and festive fun is to go wine tasting together. It gives you a reason to get out of town, be in a beautiful setting, preferably the vineyard itself and also get a little giggly as you make your way through those bottles of Chardonnay.

4. Get out on the water

Spending the day playing captain and cruising the canals, ocean or a lake, is one way to make a lasting impression. If you live on a river, take a boat tour, or perhaps follow the ferry routes around your city. If you’re close to a lake, rent a sail boat. If you’re landlocked, all is not lost – play tourists for the day, jump on an open top bus and tour your own city.

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5. Play all day at an amusement park

What better way to bring back the excitement and nostalgia of your youth then to spend the day together at an amusement park. You can hold hands and scream together on the rollercoaster, and sit too close together on the Ferris wheel when you’re all tired out! It’s a proven recipe for second date ideas success!

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