Top 3 alternative dinner ideas

Top 3 alternative dinner ideas

Want to comprehend the excellent way to make your date memorable? Surprise them. No, don’t exhibit up in a hen suit – we didn’t imply something like that! What we imply is we favor you to set their expectations for one thing, and then blow their idea with your creativity when you pull something absolutely unexpected. You’ll go away them so impressed with your potential to suppose outdoor the box, they’ll be looking forward to the subsequent date even before this first has ended.

So, the real question now is, what’s the set-up? For starters, begin with this: invite your date out for dinner. Totally standard, right?

Well, here comes the twist:

  1. Have a different course in 3 different restaurants. You need to do some serious research beforehand to make sure everything goes smoothly, but if everything goes well, then it’s a sure fire win. It’s best to reveal your plan when you sit down in your first restaurant before you order. Bonus points if you can manage to pull off an elusive 5 course meal! It’s also a great way to allow your date to reciprocate and do the same thing for the next date if things go well on your first.
  2. Have Breakfast for dinner. It might require a bit of research finding a location which serves this meal all day, but mixing up your meals is a really fun way to show someone you are entertaining and creative when it comes to ideas.
  1. Meet up in a park for a BYODinner! It’s like potluck but more personal. Make sure to pack cutlery and delph, wine glasses, and a candle to set the mood. Bonus points if you bring a blanket and pillows for lounging and chatting afterwards. Pick a nice location with a decent view, preferably somewhere public in a park.
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Now, go forth and amaze them with your memorable date idea – surely they’ll be dying to tell their friends all about if afterwards.

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